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Find Financial Freedom and the Work-Life Balance You’ve Always Dreamed About

If you started your business to gain freedom and do work that you love, but find yourself unsure of the path to success, it’s no accident you’re on this page today. This message is for you.


No matter what you sell or who you serve, you will never have the freedom you desired if that business can’t sustain you financially. 

You will always be:

  • Worried about sales

  • Scrambling to keep up with expenses

  • Shooting in the dark, not knowing what is the next right move

  • Wasting precious time and energy on things that don’t work 

  • Spreading yourself too thin, and exhausted by the ups and downs

  • Doubting whether you have what it takes and if you can really do it

You can have balance in your life and work, and confidence in your business’s finances and future much easier than you’ve imagined possible. 



It’s a small group mentorship that takes a deep dive into your business and gives you an actionable roadmap based on where you are and where you want to be.  And it produces real results. 


1) Unlock the business success you desire

2) Create the life you hoped when you started your company

3) Make time for a creative space

4) Decrease expenses & drive sales

In 6 weeks you will. . .


5) Gain clarity in your business

6) Overcome fears & mindset blocks

7) Reignite purpose in yourself

8) Create a successful path forward based on the numbers!

Get Started By Following These Three Easy Steps 


Winter 2022
Week of 11/8/22 - Week of 12/20/22

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Andrea Johnson, Owner & Head Coach of Temple Training

“The Think Tank re-established an awesome foundation for Temple Training - it was amazing at doing it!The program helped us to identify where our zone of genius is!  The program is not just in the numbers.  It’s in your mindset, in the belief for yourself and the why for your business.  It helps you to establish what you’re capable of through the numbers.Leaves the confusion out of it.  If you’re unsure of how to get there and need some motivation on how to get there… from the inside out.. the Think Tanks are hands down the way to go!”


Paul Mooney, Owner, John Paul Design Build

“The group of people in the Think Tank was phenomenal.  It was a mix of people who had been in business for a long time, and new business owners.  It was amazing because every single company in the Think Tank got something out of it.  Jaclyn says there is in “Purpose in the Pause”.  It made me pause and think about a lot of different aspects of my company that I wasn’t thinking about initially.  It was also a great opportunity for networking.  It gave me a foundation of where to start.  Made me start to think of things that I need to work on.”


Danielle Wateridge, The Wateridge Group / Berkshire Hathaway Home Services PenFed Realty

“One of the biggest benefits is that they have the ability to take everything going on, synthesize it, and pull out where the roots of the problem are.  There are things you may not identify as a business owner because you are so involved in your own business.  The name of the company “FreshEye” is so spot on because they really do bring in a “fresh eye.” Realizing that every business owner, regardless of industry, has the same fundamental problems.  The collaborative effort of the group together on a weekly basis was awesome and I would do it again!” 

Hear what past clients have to say

Sign up for a 20-minute discovery call to see if you want one of the few spots that are open.  It’s free and does not obligate you to join a Think Tank.

If you started your business to gain freedom and to do work that you’re passionate about, but find yourself overworked, overwhelmed, and unsure of your path forward, you will not regret taking 20 minutes to explore if the FreshEye Think Tank is for you.


Just fill out the short form below, and you’ll receive an email from the FreshEye team to schedule the discovery call.

Ready to jump in?! Let’s connect & get started!

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