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Six week program to regain balance in your business and life.

Find Financial Freedom and the Work-Life Balance You’ve Always Dreamed About

If you started your business to gain freedom and do work that you love, but find yourself overworked, overwhelmed and unsure of the path to success, it’s no accident you’re on this page today. This message is for you.

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Join our 6-Week Cohort & get your business to the next level

1) Unlock the business success you desire
2) Make time for a creative space
3) Assess the financial health of your business
4) Connect & brainstorm with other like-minded entrepreneurs
5) Gain clarity in your business
6) Reignite purpose in yourself
7) Learn how to avoid CEO burnout
8) Create a successful path forward!


Let's connect & get you started on the life you envisioned as a business owner!

Sign up for a 20-minute discovery call to see if you want one of the few spots that are open.  It’s free and does not obligate you to join a Think Tank.

If you started your business to gain freedom and to do work that you’re passionate about, but find yourself overworked, overwhelmed, and unsure of your path forward, you will not regret taking 20 minutes to explore if the FreshEye Think Tank is for you.


Just fill out the short form below, and you’ll receive an email from the FreshEye team to schedule the discovery call.

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