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“Give us one crack at your books, and I promise we can show you where you’re missing opportunities to grow and profit. And worse than that, we can identify the places where you’re actually losing money. Right now. Even as you read this.”

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Experienced Bookkeepers in Northern Virginia

After four years in public accounting and five years helping a 3,000 case per year winery expand to over 10,000 cases per year, Myself and our team understands what small shifts in your business and accounting practices can take you from scrambling to keep your head above water, to sitting back and smiling as you watch your business flourish.
And what’s exciting is that most times small businesses like yours, it’s just a matter of a few simple changes that make all the difference in whether you thrive or stuggle.
We’d like to help.
Check out our website, and if you like what you see, contact us and we can find a time to talk. No pressure. Just a quick conversation about how you think We could help.
To more customers, more revenue, and more fun in the business you love!


Jaclyn O'Brien Gardner, Founder & CEO

With more than fifteen years experience in the accounting industry, Jaclyn launched FreshEye Innovative Solutions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses accelerate by creating a financial roadmap.  She has a passion to help entrepreneurs follow their passions in a way that won't break the bank (and  become profitable!) while helping to find and maintain a healthy balance in business and life. She also founded KeyLyme, an organization dedicated to raising Lyme disease awareness, promote a healthy lifestyle and launched an all-natural essential oil based tick & mosquito repellent.


Jaclyn holds a B.B.A. from James Madison University with a double concentration in Accounting and Hospitality.  Upon graduation, in 2005, she entered into the corporate world of public accounting with Ernst & Young and gained audit experience.  In 2009, Jaclyn ventured into the wine industry and helped to grow a local winery over a 5-year period into becoming one of the largest wineries in Loudoun County, VA with an increase in customer base and wine production from 3,000 to over 10,000 cases. .​

We are so fortunate to have an amazing team of kind-hearted, talented, smart and driven individuals!  We couldn't be more proud of the team and culture that has been created at FreshEye and we would love for you to meet the team!

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